Website Design and Security

360 Virtual Assistant focuses on helping businesses attain the apex of their achievements - by offering state of the art services thereby promoting business exponential growth.


A website is an important asset to any business as they help to put your business on the internet, there by making it available to a large number of people (prospective clients). Your website need put your business out there so that clients can get information about your business. Here perform all sorts of website related activities such as;

Development and creation

Every process that deals with creation, domain research, hosting and deployment of websites. When it come to having a website, it is important that proper research is done in order to get the best hosting package that suite your business as well as the perfect domain for your business. Websites are built with the mobile user in mind since a large majority of internet users use mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


This is also a crucial aspect of having a website as it is quite important to update website structure regularly to keep to date with changing and improving technology. Here repairs and resolution of problem which might arise on your website as a result of unseen circumstances.


This is also another important requirement, hackers roam all about the internet looking to steal information, it is important that the information on your website is safe from unwanted prying eyes. Websites could be overrun with intrusive viruses which could mislead your clients and cause them to lose credibility in your website and business.


Do you already a have a website and just need a new look, or make changes to content or even add more functionalities? Website restructuring is required by websites occasionally, so as to add life to your websites. Everybody like new things hence your clients will appreciate a new look at your website.

Backup and management

Loss of data can be a scary thing to have to deal with, it is important to have backups in cases of data loss, we run backup maintenance on websites systematically so as no to affect website maintenance and also not affect website usage. These backups will be available in times of dire need.

Among other website services we offer are updating, plugin installation, management and optimization for best performance.